Nowadays, most of us are locked up in our homes. Working from home is now the new normal, and gone are the days where our work and home lives are separate. We are now in the age of the work-life merge. The change might be challenging for some, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways for you to turn a small space into your hub. You can use it as your home office or even a gaming room for that extra leisure time!

If you have an existing workspace at home or have extra room, here are some stylish small home office and gaming room ideas that you can adopt!

Make use of wall-mounted furniture

Pic 1 Gaming Room

Anyone with a wall can certainly adopt this style. Save space by mounting furniture on walls! You can use wooden planks to make the shelves for storage which gives you that seamless design. It is also a great way to increase your storage so that fewer items clutter the floor!

Additionally, you can even mount your monitors for easier viewing. Now you can have all that desk space to yourself, and you won’t need a long table to install multiple computer screens. If you’re only using one monitor, add your speakers to the side for a stylish look!

Patterned and cut-out acoustic foam panels

Pic 2 Gaming Room

Who says soundproofing can’t be stylish? Have fun with acoustic foam panels by experimenting with fun color patterns! From monochromatic looks, two-tone styles, and colorful bursts, there’s so much you can do with these sound-absorbing panels. Take it a step further and form geometrical patterns that look fun and trendy.

Besides the aesthetic, having acoustic foam panels in your small home office or gaming room can control the noise and reverberation sounds. It can also improve the quality of your sounds for that enhanced gaming experience! Need to see more ways or ideas for noise control? You can always check with your interior designer or do DIY sustainable soundproofing by watching YouTube tutorial videos.

Get lofty with white brick wall panels

Pic 3

There is no need to install a new wall of bricks to get that modern industrial vibe. Just use white brick wall panels! These walls will add a loft look to any office or gaming room. Or, if you have bricks in your home, paint them white to make them look modern.

They are also easy to style! The possibilities with a white brick wall are endless. You can use it to turn a room brighter and fresher, or you can highlight light and dark contrasts. Plus, the bricks add a nice texture to create an interesting look. Whether it’s in an office or gaming room, white wall bricks will bring you that airy and relaxing feeling.

Have fun with accent lights

Pic 4 Gaming Room

Lights have multiple effects in a room. It can make a room feel smaller or bigger, emphasize objects, and make you feel various emotions. The key here is to create variety through layered illumination. Use accent lights in multiple ways to suit varying styles and themes! For example, add lighting underneath a mounted monitor to give it focus. Create appealing glowy hues with LED strip lights. You can even match your keyboard to your accent lights for a uniform look.

Nanoleaf lighting is also a great choice if you want stylistic versatility. These can add a subtle glow to your desk space, and you can place them in any pattern that you want! Mix it up and be creative.

Make a statement with a gaming chair

Pic 5 Gaming Chair

Every piece of furniture counts when you are setting up your room, and a chair can easily look out of place! However, most chairs are not designed to give you support when you are sitting for long hours. Fret not because gaming chairs are not only your gaming best friend but also work!

The good news is that gaming chairs come in various designs and are very stylish. They also come with a huge advantage! Gaming chairs are designed for you to sit on for long hours. The foam padding, ergonomic-adding armrests, adjustable backrest, and varying chair sizes all add to provide you maximum comfort. Don’t know where to look? To get you started, take a look at this gaming chair from Matrix Warehouse and add some pizzazz to your workspace! You’ll love the sleek design.

Botto line, how your work or gaming set-up must be what works best for you. Are you looking for a new space to spruce up with these ideas? Check this site for recent news on condo trends in Canada!

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