Back 4 Blood is a multiplayer/single player action-packed zombie shooter game – and from the same developer as the Left 4 Dead series. Similar to the Left 4 Dead Series,  the shooter is a co-op affair with four players pitted against a ton of zombies and difficult-to-overcome odds. There’s also an eight-player PvP mode which sounds intriguing and sees two teams of four do battle.

Back 4 Blood records 98,024 concurrent players on Steam during early access | Dot Esports

The open beta kicked off on the 7th of August 2021 for those who pre-ordered the game – the first beta phase ran until August the 9th. A second phase was held from the 12th to the 16th of August for the all-comers.

Back 4 Blood was expected to arrive around June 2021, however, the launch timeframe slipped and it was extended to debut on the 12th of October 2021. As always, though, we’d much rather have something that is well-done and well-dusted at release, than it coming out earlier but unpolished.

Back 4 Blood on Twitter: "Bust out of Fort Hope and bring the fight to the Ridden next week! Here's what's in store for you! #Back4Blood… "

The good news for players with Nvidia RTX GPUs is that it now supports DLSS.

Obviously, as the game is still in the testing stages, DLSS performance – or all manner of other things for that matter – could still be a bit buggy. Any issues should, of course, be ironed out over time as the release date comes nearer.

It’s good to see Nvidia’s DLSS getting supported by another major game, which is quite known too – and pretty much regarded as Left 4 Dead 3. Players of the game have been asking greatly for the franchise to expand since Left 4 Dead 2 was released way back in 2009, which is still a highly played game today.

Back 4 Blood Open Beta, Enhanced With NVIDIA DLSS, Available Now | GeForce News | NVIDIA

Nvidia has started to recently introduce DLSS for both Rainbow Six Siege and Doom Eternal, allowing for upscaling that basically lets you switch to a higher resolution than isn’t nearly as demanding as rendering natively as it has been currently. Almost 60 games now support DLSS, with that number ticking up pretty quickly, and bringing in a good helping of big-name games such as Back 4 Blood.

In short, there are very real benefits to having a GeForce RTX graphics card that can benefit from the tech, and if a game supports ray tracing as well – which can be seriously demanding – DLSS really helps to make things playable.

Source: TechRadar


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