Candy Smart Appliances


Candy: a success story beginning with the first washing machine through to the very latest Wi-Fi connected appliances.

Candy manufactured the first Italian washing machine in 1945 and went on to invent the modern front loading washing machine in the late 1950’s. Candy quickly became synonymous with washing throughout Italy.

Candy is an international brand that offers a comprehensive range of practical, high performance, freestanding and built-in appliances; skillfully combining the most advanced technologies with stylish Italian design.

Throughout the decades Candy’s mission has always remained the same; to meet the needs of consumers with innovative, easy to use products that represent great value for money at affordable prices.

Candy Smart Appliances

Leading with technology and style the Candy washing machines have a load capacity of up to 13kg. With the new Smart Touch range you can interact with your machine via an App. It even allows you to download additional programmes.


Candy washer dryers wash a large 13kg load and dry a 8kg load and have the added feature the ‘Sensor Drying’ system so you don’t have to guess the drying time. Simply select from the three pre-set dryness levels – ‘Iron Dry’ to ‘Extra Dry’ – and the load will automatically stop when dry.


Candy tumble dryers have a large capacity of up to 10kg and come vented or condenser. With the new Heat Pump technology dryer being rated A++ energy efficient, you can now save a massive 50% less energy than a standard C rated dryer.


Take away the hassle of washing dishes with a Candy dishwasher. Now with added technology, the Perfect Rapid dishwasher comes complete will 3rd rotary arm and allows you to do a quick wash within 24 minutes. It is available in free standing units.

Wine Coolers



Chill you wine to perfection with a Candy wine cooler. Offering a full range of wine coolers both built in and free standing giving you the perfect accessory to any party.


The new Candy ovens are a combination of technology and design: make your kitchen a more exciting place with special functions such as SoftCook which keeps your food soft and a USEE LED which allows to save and check how cooking of your cook is proceeding. Choose the one you prefer!


Candy offers a wide range of hobs: gas, electric or induction. Choose yours based on the number of fires, the material of the plan or the type of power that best suits your needs. Choose yours!


Cooking has never been easier with Candy Microwaves. They offer up to 13 automatic cooking programs,automatic defrosting and adjustment of the cooking time according to the weight of the dish. What are you waiting for?


Candy hoods rely on efficiency and are finished with a stainless steel, glass or metal design. All models have different levels of power and special filters that remove any unpleasant smells from your kitchen. Discover them.


Candy Group keeps improving and transferring technology in easy to use systems, designed to improve the quality of life. The center of innovation, research and development, is in Italy in Brugherio (MB). Today, in the digital age, Candy opens the door to a new way of living appliances, to interact and communicate in a direct, simple and intuitive way. Group research and development paved the way for Candy’s first full range of appliances connected via Wi-Fi, which can communicate with users remotely, making their lives easier.  


Candy Group uses recyclable materials for each component both for products and packaging and has actively participated in the definition of WEEE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. The Candy production process has been designed with the goal of reducing emissions both in compliance with the regulations in the various countries, and to reduce energy consumption related to the use of household appliances.