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Asus X515 Celeron Bundle

Centurion April 2022 landing page special

Buy an Asus X515 N4020 Celeron 8GB Laptop with Microsoft 365 Personal (1 year) for only R6949.00 and get a free Karbon Oxygen Series Wireless Mouse (any colour) to the value of R99.00

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Darin MichaelDarin Michael
06:10 17 Jul 22
Excellent technical knowledge and service
Andrew TaylorAndrew Taylor
13:35 07 May 22
I received excellent service at the highest possible level of competence.Andries carried out over the counter diagnostics and installed new components and completed a complex repair without delay.I am exceptionally grateful for the professional service provided and appreciate the professional communication that I enjoyed throughout the process.
Neels JansenNeels Jansen
12:23 20 Apr 22
Friendly staff that really knows what they are doing and talking about. They didn't have to give me a refund on an item I bought incorrectly, but they were really kind to me and did it in any case. I would advise going to them for the everyday small PC or laptop requirements, rather than wasting your money to drive all the way to Evetech which is sooo far away out of town. The difference between their prices is about the same amount as what you would spend on fuel, driving all the way out of town. It might be a different story when you plan on doing an expensive upgrade or buying a totally new laptop or PC. Phone and check first.
Ruan PotgieterRuan Potgieter
11:43 09 Apr 22
Small store but very capable in upgrades and repairs of personal computers and IT equipment in general. Staff are always helpful.
Georgie GeorgeGeorgie George
14:29 21 Oct 21
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. This is not a fancy display store like IC. There is limited stock on the floor. This is more a store where you can buy modular components and build an impressive computing setup. You don't have to know what you want, but it helps. Prices are reasonable and and they have access to a lot of accessories.

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Branch Manager | Andries van der Sandt

Customer Service shouldn’t be one person, but the whole team. Our team strives to have the same set goal in mind to achieve this.