Gaming Chairs

Best deals on PC Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are specialized chairs designed for the needs and comfort of gamers. The designers of these chairs have thought about how gamers sit, how they move, and what they need out of their chair, and gone on to make something that meets those needs.

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What to look for in a Gaming Chair

Despite the name, it’s not just gamers who use gaming chairs. You could benefit from a gaming chair if you:

  • Work in an office and want to boost your productivity
  • Work from home and spend lots of time sitting down
  • Suffer from back pain
  • Have mobility issues and need extra support when seated
  • Spend a lot of time playing games (obviously)
  • Or just want to be more comfortable when sitting down!

The first-ever gaming chairs were designed for racing games to act as car simulator seats. Therefore, they tended to replicate sports car seats, with high straight backs and thick upholstery.

Since then, gaming chairs have evolved and the market has become much broader. There are now many different types of gaming chairs, to meet the needs of many different types of gamers. That brings us nicely onto the next section of this buyer’s guide…

Different Types of Gaming Chair

We can categorize gaming chairs into different types. The four broad categories you should know about are:

  • PC Gaming Chairs
  • Console Gaming Chairs
  • Racing Simulator Seats
  • Bean Bag Chairs