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In the world of PC peripherals, RGB lighting is ubiquitous. The gentle, kaleidoscope glow of a keyboard in a dimly-lit room is so synonymous with gaming; it’s almost become a caricature. But, despite that, it’s often unclear why consumers – and specifically gamers – desire, enjoy and prefer RGB lighting on their gear to the alternative. From the outside looking in, it’s hard to trace where and when the trend first began nor find the rationale for it.

What is RGB?

Here are the main considerations for picking a case to light up with LEDs:

  • Case color: Theme your lights to match the exterior of the case. Black is easy to match with anything, while a red case might look best with white lighting instead of more red. A white case interior will better reflect your RGB lighting, so consider that if you want brighter lighting.
  • Side panel Window: A full glass panel like the In-Win 805’s is ideal. Glass requires more care than plastic, but makes for a classier final product. Make sure you like the shape of the window in the case you pick, and plan how you light the interior accordingly. A tinted glass or plastic panel will cut down on the glare from the lighting and provide a smoother, though darker, interior.
  • PSU shroud: Smart lighting means hiding the components you don’t want people to see. Cases with a shroud for the power supply help keep cables and the boxy power supply out of sight.
  • Cable management space: Like with the PSU shroud, having other places around the case to cram or tie off cables is a big benefit. Look for cases with space along the top rail where you can stash excess cable length, and you obviously want the bulk of your cables tied off completely out of sight around the back.