Epic Games to stop Sign-in with Apple logging from September 11

The Epic-Apple battle has now led to Epic dismissing the Sign-in with Apple option for customers of Epic. Customers will have to update their login credentials in order to use the services.

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It has been a while since Apple and Epic Games have been exchanging blows. After the introduction of a different payment portal in Fortnite, Apple removed the game from its App Store. Additionally, it revoked the Epic Games’ developer account for Apple’s ecosystem. If you assumed that was all, Epic Games is now asking its customers to get rid of the Sign-in with Apple login system. Also Read – Fortnite players can still get the game from Samsung’s Galaxy Store after Apple, Google ban

Based on the restrictions, Epic will now require its users to create different login credentials in order to continue using its services. Those developers who used to log in with the “Sign-In with Apple” system will need to choose different credentials going forward. The deadline for changing the credentials is set to September 11. Epic has published a guide for users and developers to make the transition.

Hence, developers using the Apple sign-in system for Unreal Engine 5 will have to change their credentials. Those who still play Fortnite will have to do the same. Players will have to update their login credentials to the Epic Games account service.

If players and developers continue using the existing credentials based on the Apple system, they will lose their accounts after September 11. Epic Games says it has a total of 116 million registered users on iOS out of the overall 350 million registered Fortnite players. That’s a lot of people on the iOS platform and if the credentials aren’t changed, a lot of Epic’s customers could lose their accounts forever.

Epic Games’ battle with Apple in brief

The tussle between Epic and Apple started in August when Epic introduced an in-game payment system in Fortnite. Since it violated the App Store guidelines, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store. Epic moved to the courts to protest Apple’s moves but so far, Fortnite stands banned. Epic also lost its developer account for the Apple ecosystem after it failed to undo the changes before the deadline.

That said, it wasn’t only Apple that banned Fortnite from its App Store. Google too removed Fortnite from the Play Store for the same reason. However, players on Android have an option to sideload the game via Epic’s website and Fortnite launcher. Additionally, Samsung users can download the game from the Galaxy Store app.

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