All our electronic devices need to be protected because they are fragile and sometimes expensive objects. PORT Designs is the specialist for the protection and transport of your laptop and touchpad. A wide range of products developed by our team of designers will allow you to choose the protection that best suits your electronic device.

To choose suitable protection for your device, we will review the various transport solutions we offer in our range.

Tablet protection

We will first discuss the different types of protection for your digital tablet. PORT Designs offers 2 types of portfolios, universal and dedicated portfolios.


The universal folios are equipped with hooks (UHS system) or elastics (UES system) at the 4 inside corners of the folio. These ultra-secure fastening systems will allow you to attach any type of tablet computer. Different generic sizes (7 inches, 8/9 inches, and 10.1 inches) will allow you to choose the most suitable size for your tablet.


The dedicated folios carry a shell case that will fit on the back of your tablet. We have a whole range of dedicated folios for iPads and Samsung tablets.


Our range also includes a portfolio that directly integrates a keyboard that is connected to your tablet by Bluetooth, perfect for people who prefer to write on a real keyboard rather than the virtual keyboard of the tablet.



Our portfolios close in 2 different ways, either with an elastic that locks the 2 flaps of the folio (like our Nouméa portfolio), or with a magnetic flap (like our Muskoka Universal portfolio).


Most of our portfolios allow you to place your tablet in video position with different angles possible, as well as in Typing position (ideal angle of view for writing text).

Protections for laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, and hybrids.

We will now review the different protections available for your laptop, notebook, ultrabook, or hybrid computer.


First of all, the bags: There are 3 types that are differentiated by their shape and charging practicality.

Clamshell case

The so-called “Clamshell” bags fully open thanks to a zipper that goes around the structural frame of the bag. This system allows you to attach your computer to the bag more easily using a velcro strap that will surround your laptop and prevent it from falling out of the bag if it opens quickly. It is designed to provide optimal protection for your laptop.

Toploading case

The so-called “Toploading” bags allow you to insert your computer from the top of your bag. Loading is easy, fast, and secure as an elastic band with velcro surrounds and attaches your device to your bag.

Messenger case

Finally, the so-called “Messenger” bags are similar to the “Toploading” bags but they do not have to carry handles on the top, they are bags that are carried only on the shoulder with a sling strap.

Bags dedicated to laptops

These different types of bags all have compartments dedicated to your laptop, your tablet, and very often storage pockets for your accessories and personal belongings.

PORT Bag advantages

Depending on the bag you choose, you can enjoy a dedicated compartment for your laptop charger, a removable and adjustable carrying strap, metal buckles, organiser compartments, and many other features that you can be found in the product descriptions on our website.


PORT Designs also offers a range of backpacks. What makes the difference between the “classic” backpack and the PORT Designs backpack, is that these are filled with compartments dedicated to the transportation and protection of your computer hardware. Our backpacks have dedicated compartments for your laptop, tablet, and many pockets for storing all your accessories.

Some of our backpacks also have a waterproof cover that helps protect your belongings from the rain.

We focus our product development on comfort, and that’s why most of our backpacks are quilted at the shoulder straps, carry handle and back.


Another solution to protect your laptop that can easily fit into your bag or backpack is the protective covers category. They can be applied on your laptop like a second skin, thanks to their soft and elastic material. It is a protection that, according to your use, can be used as an addition to a carrying bag to provide a boost of protection. We also have covers adapted to the format of HDD 2.5 ” hard drives and GPS units.


Finally, trolleys are another solution for the transport of your electronic device, but that’s not their only use. Indeed, trolleys are bags with integrated wheels and an extendable arm that allows you to make roll your bag on the ground.

This allows you to relieve your arms when your bag is heavily loaded. As a result, we have developed trolleys with dedicated compartments for your laptop, your tablet, your A4 paper documents, your accessories, as well as compartments for your belongings.

Some of our trolleys will then allow you to go on the move for a few days and take your professional and personal belongings with you in your trolley.

That’s why most Port products are guaranteed for life.

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