Matrix Warehouse Edenvale

Matrix Warehouse Edenvale

As a competitively priced, complete IT solutions provider, Matrix Warehouse Edenvale engage in the retail distribution of complete desktops, notebooks, tablets, printers, PC components, peripherals, and software. In addition to computer hardware and software, they offer networking, repairs, upgrades, and complete IT solutions for homes and businesses. All components used are registered brand name products, ensuring a high-quality finished product and a below average failure rate on custom-built computers of less than 0.5 percent. Support services such as technical repairs and call-outs add exceptional value for customers.

Serving the needs of the ever-growing segment of personal computer users, the Matrix Warehouse target market includes all computer users, whether for personal or business use, as well as anyone requiring a custom-built computer. Individual customers typically fall in the mid-LSM categories.

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