Maverick LAN Gaming Centre Powered By Matrix Warehouse Computers

Maverick LAN Gaming Centre is Matrix Warehouse Computers Gaming side, where we host LAN tournaments and gaming events.

Maverick Gaming is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOC) with social & competitive gaming events & tournaments. With a capacity of 160 gamers. At our LAN gatherings, you will meet many other gamers who enjoy all kinds of gaming, just like you. Whether it’s entering our professional-grade tournaments, just kicking back and gaming on our 600 meg LAN servers, or whatever kind of gaming tickles your fancy, it’s a gaming experience like no other in South Africa. We feature various social 24 HOUR LAN & Console Events

With some of South Africa’s biggest prize money payouts & prizes for teams competing in our league tournaments, this venue is the place to be to practice & showcase your skills.

B.Y.O.D – Bring your own device, gear up & join us.

Phone: 010 020 7798

Email: maverick@matrixwarehouse.co.za

Maverick School Cup - 2021 Highlights

The Qualifiers

The Champions

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