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asus tuf gaming monitor article

The ASUS TUF Gaming (VG28UQL1A) Monitor has been released!

ASUS announced on the 5th of August 2021, the availability of Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A Monitor, a gaming monitor designed for PC and next-generation consoles. Using the Display Stream Compression (DSC) feature, this 28 inch IPS display supports up

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming Laptops

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming Laptops. Lenovo Gaming: achievement, unlocked At Lenovo, we build smarter, more intuitive products that connect gamers worldwide. Whether you’re looking to game casually or to finally build out

About Acer

Our story began in adolescence with rolling hills and raging rivers, rice, and watermelon fields.

We often traversed the surrounding mountains with our trusty slingshots; we sought birds to shoot. Each day, we travelled higher up the mountain, where we found a cave. It was no ordinary cave, for there were gadgets and trinkets galore. We thought an old sage lived there, but we were sorely mistaken… One Fall morning, while we played in the cave, its dweller returned.

It stood nine feet tall, its skin was fire red, a stark contrast to the cold metal of its robotic arms. Its face was expressionless, mouth agape. As we caught its smell – a sickening mixture of odors, both sweet and noxious – it removed its goggles to reveal eyes like portals to another world. We fired at it with our slingshots, but they were no use… We Froze with fear, and our breath was stolen away.

Where we expected a roar from deep within the beast, it sang a magical song. Its chant pulsed like a wave of thunder and echoed across the mountainside. We covered our ears and ran, but by the song’s crescendo, we were deafened. By the end of it we had left the cave long behind, and the beast was firmly out of sight. We didn’t know then, but we would be changed forever. As we recalled its eyes its song kept playing in our heads, a wordless ballad lurking at the back of our minds, unceasing – a story of the one called Onikuma.

As we travelled back down the mountain, our hearing returned, and slowly, the world became alive with sound. We heard the world’s true song for the first time. How hadn’t we heard it before? The raging river’s flow, the birds’ calls, and the snow’s crunch under our feet were music to our ears. The message became clear: The one called Onikuma wanted the world’s beauty to be heard by all.

Since that fateful day, we have sought to share the world’s song. With our keen ears, and eager hearts, we created Onikuma Gaming. We know our story is not an ordinary one, but had the beast not awakened our ears, we would not be able to share our experience with the world.

So whenever you use our products, thank the one we call Onikuma, and game like one possessed.

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