Gaming Desktop Components

PC Components for Laptops & Desktop Computers

Buy Components for your Gaming and Personal Laptop or Desktop PC with name brands (MSI, Asus, Antec, Gigabyte & Nvidia) in motherboards, graphics cards, power supplies, ram available from our computer stores countrywide or from the Matrix Warehouse online shop.

Gaming PC

What you need for a Gaming PC

What you need for a Gaming PC What do you need for a Gaming PC? Are you getting ready to build you’re first gaming computer and don’t know where to

Upgrade Or Replace Your PC RAM

How To Upgrade Or Replace Your PC RAM

How To Upgrade Or Replace Your PC RAM How To Upgrade Or Replace Your PC RAM. Most motherboards only support one type of memory, so check your motherboard to see

How to build a desktop PC

How to build a PC

How to build a PC While it can feel daunting to build a PC, the ability to choose your own components is more than worth the time investment. Because building

Cases / Chassis

A choice between a sleek Tempered Glass Gaming Chassis that features RGB elements or a more traditional desktop case. Take your pick!

Power Supplies / PSU

Every machine needs a Power Supply and there is no shortage of choices from Modular, RGB and enough Watts to let your rig run with ease.


With a wide range of Intel and AMD Ryzen compatible motherboards, with both affordability and performance. Gamer, networker or RGB proponent? Let’s talk!

Processors / CPU

The powerhouse of every device is the CPU and we provide a list of options for all your Productivity and Gaming needs between Ryzen and Intel processors.

Memory / RAM

Speed up your Desktop and Notebooks with a wide range of Memory Capacity, Speed and RGB RAM Modules.

Graphics Cards / PCI-E Cards

We all aim for that smooth framerate experience so why not Upgrade your rig with our lineup of Nvidia GTX and RTX Graphics Cards.

We also provide a long list of PCI-E Adapters such as Sound Cards, USB Converters and Network Cards etc.


Do you know the old myth that RGB makes your machine faster? It is obviously not true but it definitely does make it prettier. 

Explore our catalogue of RGB Mouses, Keyboards, Cases, Mouse Pads and especially RGB Strips with a featured remote.