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  • Diverse media handling
  • Full connectivity
  • Scanning
  • Plain paper capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Maintenance cartridge
  • Huge benefits for your business

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  • Print large volumes of high-quality business documents while making huge savings on CPP1
  • And TCO2 with this refillable and easy to use 3-in-1 MegaTank-equipped MAXIFY GX printer.
  • Brilliant productivity, best-in-class CPP and TCO3
  • Cost per page (CPP) is the amount of money that it takes to print a single page.
  • This is determined by dividing the cost of the ink by the page yield.
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) is a calculation of what a printer would cost you based on the initial purchase cost of hardware plus the costs of ink over a fixed period.

Low running costs, brilliant productivity


With a full set of ink bottles producing up to 14,0004 prints.

This high-performance, high-volume MegaTank printer delivers huge savings on the total cost of ownership3 and cost per page.

That’s a smart investment for any home office.



A high-volume, high-quality MegaTank business printer with ultra-low running costs.



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MAXIFY GX3040Huge benefits for your business


These high-efficiency MAXIFY GX printers are built to thrive in demanding workplaces.

Home office

With a compact footprint, simple connectivity and easy to access user-replaceable maintenance cartridge.

The MAXIFY GX range is the ideal high-volume, high-efficiency printer for demanding home and hybrid workers.


MAXIFY GX3040 Retail


Reduce costs by printing more media in-house.

Create high-quality, durable point of sale materials, signage, promotional banners and tags using the rear flat tray, which supports thick paperboard.


Estate Agents


Quickly print colour flyers and brochures in large volumes while retaining superb quality.

All-pigment ink means prints are bright, highly readable, smudge-resistant and blur-free.


Educational Institutions


Print high volumes of course materials, resilient full-colour handouts and administrative documents while saving money on ink costs.

Supervise children in one room while printing in another using wireless connectivity.


Key Benefits


Ultra-low running costs

Save over the printer’s lifetime thanks to cost effective refillable ink tanks that vastly reduce the total cost of ownership and cost per page.

Boost page yield with Economy mode 5 and print up to 1.5x more pages with the same amount of ink


Brilliant business-quality prints


Enjoy water-, friction- and marker-resistant, business-friendly prints with excellent readability, delivered quickly and in large volumes


Print more media in-house


Print flyers, banners and posters in-house thanks to compatibility with a wide variety of materials including magnetic and photo media, plus a new rear flat tray that supports thicker media and card

Print without pause

Print high volumes of documents without irritating paper reloads, thanks to a 100-sheet rear feed and a 250-sheet front cassette, windowed to make checking paper levels quick and easy


Small but mighty


Save vital space at home or in the office thanks to the printer’s compact footprint, whilst reducing the amount of plastic packaging means more of it can be easily recycled


Easy to use and maintain


Reduce downtime with the user-replaceable maintenance cartridge, easily accessible from the front of the printer. Colour-coded, spring-loaded ink caps mean refills are simple and mess-free.


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