Figure 8 Power Cable With Dedicated Plug


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Figure 8 Power Cable With Dedicated Plug

Figure 8 Power Cable With Dedicated Plug

A C8B inlet type is defined by the standard for use by dual-voltage appliances; it has three pins and can hold a C7 connector in either of two positions. Allowing the user to select voltage by choosing the position the connector is inserted.

A similar but polarized connector has been made but is not part of the standard. Sometimes called C7P, it is asymmetrical, with one side squared. Unpolarized C7 connectors can be inserted into the polarized inlets; however, doing so might be a safety risk if the device is designed for polarized power. Although not specified by IEC 60320, and not clear whether any formal written standard exists, the most common wiring appears to connect the squared side to the neutral, and the rounded to the hotline

What is a figure 8 Cable?

This figure 8 power cable is a useful addition for the home or the office. It’s a three-pin plug with a two-core cable leading to a female figure-eight connector. Use it to connect a wide range of electronic equipment to mains power. It comes with a 3 A plug and is rated for use with appliances up to 575 W.

Commonly known as a “figure-8”, “infinity” or “shotgun” connector due to the shape of its cross-section. Less commonly known as a Telefunken connector named after its originator. This coupler is often used for small cassette recorders, battery/mains operated radios, battery chargers, some full-size audio-visual equipment, laptop computer power supplies, video game consoles, and similar double-insulated appliances.

What uses a figure 8 power cord?

Universal Compatibility: The Figure 8 Power Cord Can Be Used For Desktop Pc Computers, Scanners, Printers, Led Tv Monitors, Projectors, Powered Speakers, Apple Tv, Sony Ps4, Ps3 Slim Edition, Ps2 And Other Devices That Have The 2 Prong Power Connector.

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