Genius HS-02B PC Headset

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Genius HS-02B PC Headset

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Genius HS-02B PC Headset

The HS-02B PC Headset is a new model in the Genius headset family for music and online talking

Product Overview

Listen Better, Talk Better

The HS-02B is a new model in the Genius headset family for music and online talking. It features headphones and a microphone with inline volume control. No matter if you use SKYPE or MSN Chat, net-phone, etc., this headset provides crystal clear quality and will not let you miss any sound. The stylish light blue color mixes great not only with your PC or notebook but also with your portable audio devices, like an MP3 player or CD player. Its online volume control is also attached for easier volume adjustment.

Listen to your favorite music or talk over the Internet with a friend. Bring fashion to your life with this classic stereo headset.


  • Headset with microphone
  • Adjustable microphone height
  • On-line volume control
  • Great for PC audio, or MP3, CD music
  • Great for Internet chat


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