Nanofixit 4X Windshield Protection


Nanofixit 4X Windshield Protection


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Nanofixit 4X Windshield Protection Product Overview

Nanofixit Windshield Protector will turn your windshield into a Super Hydrophobic glass. As you drive your car through heavy rain, you will have a better view of the road conditions. In addition, the Nano coating will protect your vehicles glass from scratches. It is bug repellent and will allow glass to have a self-cleaning effect, making it easier to clean.

With the Nanofixit Windshield Protector, rain drops that fall on the windshield glass will form water balls which would not cause any blur on your vision. It will allow you to use the windshield wipers less even if you drive around 30 miles per hour as the water is repelled from the windshield.

Aside from being hydrophobic, bug repellent and scratch resistand, the coating is UV resistant which can keep your dashboard from fading in colour.


30ml Super Hydrophonic Nano coating solution is enought to coat windshield, side window glass and backdoor glass.

Easy to apply

Step 1: Clean the window with alcohol/cleaner and wipe dry with tissue paper.
Step 2: Shake bottle, spray onto window from top to bottom. Use tissue paper or your hand to spread and cover whole surface.
Step 3: Leave for 3 min, buff surface with enclosed microfiber until it shines.

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