Port 2D 5/4 Professional Laptop Privacy Filter 19″

Do you work with confidential information, or are you just tired of people watching over what you are doing? The Port Connect Touch Screen Laptop Privacy Filter is the solution for you. This filter limits the viewing angles of your screen, limiting visibility to only you.

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Port 2D 5/4 Professional Laptop Privacy Filter 19″

Port Connect laptop Privacy Filter 19.0″ is a confidentiality film for your laptop that is designed to protect the information displayed on your screen. Once in position, only the user sitting in front of the screen can see the information and any sideways view over a 30° angle are completely obscured by the filter. This filter is very easy to fit on your screen and it can be readjusted as many times as you like if you need to reveal the screen. It has anti-glare technology which reduces the strain of looking at your screen. The filter also protects your screen from scratches, stains, and impact.


  • Limits viewing angles to just 60°
  • Easy to fit and readjust as many times as needed
  • Protects screen from scratches, stains, and impact
  • Anti-glare technology
  • Non-intrusive 85% transparency


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: 0.58mm
  • Transparency: 85%
  • Compatibility: 19.0″
  • Dimensions: 377 x 302 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 5/4

What’s in the Box

  • Port Connect Privacy Filter 19.0″ x1
  • Adhesive guides x1
  • Screen cleaning cloth x1

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