USB Female to Female Adapter

USB Female to Female Adapter

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USB Female to Female Adapter

USB Female to Female Adapter

Product Details

This compact and high-quality USB adapter from RS PRO is ideal for converting a USB 2.0 Male type A connector to a Female A adapter or connecting two USB cables for use with a wide range of devices. The adapter features a PVC hood with PE (Polyethylene) insulation offering excellent durability and corrosion resistance. This versatile gender changer is perfect for converting a standard type A plug into a type A socket for use with devices such as USB 2.0 printers, scanners, etc.

Features and benefits

• Compact design that is quick and easy to install

• Ideal for converting USB male A connectors to USB female A

• Allows you to connect two USB cables to create one longer cable

• USB 2.0 compatibility

• Nickel Connectors

• PVC hood with PE insulation for excellent protection and durability

• Can be used with a wide range of devices

• Plug and play design


USB coupler adapters or gender changers are a cost-effective solution for connecting two USB cables to create a single long cable. Their compact and lightweight design ensures they can be easily stored, transported, and used in a wide range of applications.

What is the difference between Male and Female USB connectors?

USB cables can feature either male or female connectors suited to various applications. Male connectors are typically used to connect to a host such as a computer, whereas a female connector is used to receive a male connector. For example, a computer will often feature a female USB port to allow male connectors found on devices such as a keyboard to be inserted and connected.

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