Xiaomi TWS 3T Pro Wireless Earbuds – White

Its super large vent design creates airflow and balances the pressure around your ear for additional comfort.

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Xiaomi TWS 3T Pro Wireless Earbuds – White

Each earbud of Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro Wireless Earbuds is lightweight at only 4.9g. The Buds 3T Pro have a sleek and focused design around the tragus, antitragus and cavum conchae for the ear for a comfortable and secure fit. Its super large vent design creates airflow and balances the pressure around your ear for additional comfort.


  • Up to 40dB adaptive ANC earbuds
  • Listen better with smart active noise cancellation
  • Pure and wonderful Hi-Fi sound
  • A powerful cinematic sound experience with dimensional audio
  • A new wireless design for immersive sound

Elegant design, excellent sound

The streamlined body is inspired by a Möbius loop design, with refined and elegant styling.

Xiaomi TWS 3T Pro Wireless Earbuds - White

Find peace and quiet on busy streets

Noise reduction depth of 40dB can reduce background noise by up to 99%. Block out distractions and create your own world of wonderful sound.

Cut out the noise in a right way

The all-new adaptive noise cancellation technology monitors the level and type of ambient noise in real-time and automatically selects the appropriate noise cancellation mode. It understands sound and understands you even better.


Enjoy music and talk freely

In transparency mode, listen to music while still hearing ambient sounds. Enhance voice mode for relaxed conversations even with your earbuds on.

*The default setting is transparency mode. You can enable Enhance voice mode manually. Refer to footnotes for supported models.

A smoother and clearer call experience

Feedback, feed-forward and talk microphones work together to accurately separate background noise and voices, making conversations clearer.

Super-sensitive dynamic driver for full-bodied, resonating sound

The dual neodymium magnets and high-hardness DLC diaphragm greatly improve dynamic sensitivity, so that the most subtle sound details reach your ear.

CCAW coil
Lightweight coil for more detail and better high frequencies

Powerful dual neodymium magnets
Reduce magnetic leakage

Extra-hard DLC diaphragm coating
Diamond-like carbon with high hardness

Next-generation LHDC 4.0 codec*
Crystal clear high-fidelity sound

The new-generation LHDC 4.0* protocol with HD audio transmission delivers a high-quality audio experience. The high-definition 96kHz sampling frequency and Hi-Fi audio quality ensure a better than ever wire-free listening experience.

High-definition audio

THD ≤ 0.08%
Ultra-low end-to-end distortion*

Xiaomi’s first-dimensional audio product
Reframe your listening experience

The traditional stereo experience means hearing sound from just the left and right sides. But with Immersive Sound, sound can now be heard from all around you, allowing you to really experience the elements in your environment.

And with Track Head Movement this sense of realism is taken even further. As you turn your head, the sound stays fixed where it should be, just as if you were really walking through nature.

Studio-level calibration standard
Prepare to be moved by life-like sound

Professionally tuned by Xiaomi Acoustic Lab using HRTF (head-related transfer function) models for moderate, accurate and harmonious sound to studio-level standard. Even discerning music professionals will be satisfied by the sound quality.

Clear high tones
More detail is preserved at higher frequencies while correcting inappropriately harsh sounds to ensure great music and beautiful sound.

Moderate bass tones
Give you a natural, immersive low-frequency experience.

Strongly recommended by Luca Bignardi,
Grammy-Winning Album “Escucha” Sound Engineer

“I really appreciate Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro’s high definition audio reproduction, letting me hear true details in my sound through this high quality true wireless device.”

Lightweight and wearable for hours

Weighing just 4.9g, each earbud has an ergonomic design with a 14-point curved surface that follows the contours of the ear canal, while the structure with overlapping gravity centres forms a stable triangle that fits snugly inside the ear, preventing them from falling out during workouts.

Multiple ear tip sizes
Closely fit your ear
Comfortable to wear for long periods

Dust and water resistance, ideal for working out

The high-grade liquid silicone material protects your ear. The IP55 rating* enables you to enjoy music even during workouts.

Ultra-long battery life
The music never has to stop

Up to 24 hours* of playback time when used in conjunction with the charging case. The charging case supports the Qi wireless charging protocol*, compatible with various charging devices.

Up to 6h
Battery life on a single charge

Up to 24h
Battery life when paired with a charging case

Dual-device smart connection
MIUI pop-up for quick pairing

To quickly pair up, open the charging case near a Xiaomi smartphone and tap the pop-up window when it appears*. The earbuds can be simultaneously connected to two devices on Android, iOS or Windows systems, so you won’t miss phone calls while working on your computer.

Switch and select with a simple pinch

Easily pinch the raised area of the smooth, streamlined earbud stem to switch modes, pause the music or select other functions.

Pinch and hold
left/right earbud
ANC mode/transparency mode

Pinch once on
left/right earbud
Play/pause audio
Answer/end call

Pinch three times
Skip to the previous track

Pinch twice
Skip to the next track
Decline incoming call