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Redragon Gaming Mouse for Every Gaming Genre. Choosing a gaming mouse is no different from choosing any other gaming peripheral. As much as it is based on personal preference, and the obvious factors, like; ergonomics, design, size, wired vs wireless, whether it is left-handed or right-handed; if it has programmable buttons or not, and what kind of grip you have; the type of games played is a key factor not to be overlooked.

And whether you’re a casual gamer, competitive gamer, or something in between, there’s a gaming mouse for all.

What you need in a gaming mouse for one game may be completely different for another. Let’s take a closer look at the different gaming mice for each genre of game.


Whether you’re playing FPS or TPS games, you’ll know that you’re always in the centre of the action, so how the mouse performs is crucial. It all comes down to precision, reliability, and consistency

Redragon STORM ELITE 32000DPI 7 Button | Lightweight Body | Ergonomic Design | RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Mouse – Black

The Redragon M988 STORM ELITE Gaming Mouse allows you to get an edge in gaming thanks to its unique design and programmable buttons. It features 7 programmable buttons, a high-speed gaming sensor, 8 backlight modes and 5 memory modes.

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The Redragon STORM ELITE gaming mouse offers a high-speed optical gaming sensor with its lightweight honeycomb design, making it perfect for those fast-paced FPS games. It registers each click and swipes instantly, making every millisecond count.

Redragon COBRA FPS 24000DPI RGB Gaming Mouse – Black

Experience an enhanced reaction speed in your games with the Redragon COBRA FPS 24000DPI 8 Button LK Optical Switch Wired RGB Gaming Mouse. Its Pixart 3360 optical gaming sensor is well known in high-end gaming mice and offers various sensitivity levels of up to 24000DPI. The buttons for this gaming mouse utilise LK Optical Switches, removing unintended clicks and vastly enhancing response time.

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The COBRA FPS gaming mouse was designed to meet all your FPS gaming needs. (I mean, the name says it all). With its sleek design and comfy fit, you experience enhanced reaction speeds and speedy response times thanks to its accurate and precise Pixart 3360 optical gaming sensor that offers a 1000Hz polling rate and 24 000DPI.

RPG (Role-Playing Games)

When you’re playing MMO games like Final Fantasy, EverQuest, and World of Warcraft there is one thing they all require in a gaming mouse – buttons, buttons, and more buttons!

Instead of only having the regular ‘Forward’ and ‘Back’ buttons, MMO gaming mice have an entire grid of extra buttons. These programmable buttons are customizable, making it easy to allocate shortcuts and access them in-game.

Redragon IMPACT ELITE Wireless MMO 16000DPI 18 Button | Ergonomic Design | RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse – Black

The Redragon M913 IMPACT ELITE Wireless Gaming Mouse allows you to get an edge in gaming thanks to its wireless connection and 20 programmable buttons. It features a wireless and wired mode via Type-C connection, 12 side buttons for online gaming and a 1000 mAh battery for many hours of usage.

Specifically designed for MMO players, the Redragon IMPACT ELITE gaming mouse offers a total of 20 programmable buttons, so everything can be done with the touch of the button.

Strategy Games

One thing every gamer needs when playing MOBA games is a speedy and ergonomic gaming mouse.

Redragon EMPEROR 12400DPI Gaming Mouse – Black

The Redragon Emperor 12400DPI 7 Button Wired RGB Gaming Mouse is a great addition to your gaming arsenal thanks to its highly customizable design. It features seven programmable buttons, an ergonomic ambidextrous design and RGB lighting.

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The Redragon Emperor gaming mouse is designed for gamers who want the very best performance. The Emperor, with its elegant and ergonomic design, offers smooth, precise, and fast movements thanks to its high precision sensor. And it’s ambidextrous, so it’s great for both left and right-handed gamers.

Adventure Games

Adventure games can really vary from easy-paced to fast-paced so of course, you’d want a mouse that can keep up with it all.

Redragon SNIPER PRO 16000DPI Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse – Black

The Redragon Sniper Pro 16000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse offers an ultra-fast lag-free wired or wireless peripheral option for your professional or gaming needs. It features eight different RGB lighting schemes, nine programmable buttons, five different user profiles, and macro recording. In addition, the Sniper Pro offers smooth and precise movements due to its high precision sensor. This makes the mouse perfect for long-lasting gaming sessions or intensive editing work providing maximum comfort and support.

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The Redragon Sniper Pro features 16000 DPI and 40G acceleration, with a high-precision sensor that delivers pinpoint accuracy and happens to be extremely responsive during gaming.

Simulation Games

When you’re playing Simulation games and escaping reality, the first thing you want your gaming mouse to be is comfortable.

Redragon VAMPIRE 10000DPI RGB Gaming Mouse – Black

The Redragon Vampire 10000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse has 16.8 million RGB LED colour options (the LED backlight can be disabled), eight programmable buttons, five memory profiles each with dedicated light colours for quick identification, and an eight-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x8). Also featuring macro keybinds, adjustable DPI levels, and an ergonomic design.

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The Redragon Vampire gaming mouse has a solid frame and claw-grip design offering a satisfying and comfortable gaming experience. And, it remains comfortable even after extended periods of game-play so you can get lost in the thrill of it.

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