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Don’t lose your memories, movies, files, or hard work, Get a Flash Stick that suits your needs.

Too Much Data

Hard drives can fill quickly, with photos, videos, and large programs. All these files may increase the useability and enjoyment you get from your computer, but they have an accumulative effect on space. The more information you pile onto your hard drive, the less space you have available for actually using the machine.

Problems of a Full Hard Drive

A hard drive that’s too full can slow down your computer, causing freezes and crashes. Think of it this way — if you have a storage trunk that’s jam-packed with stuff, taking up every available inch of space, it’ll make it harder, and take longer, for you to find what you’re looking for. The same principle applies here. Your computer also needs a certain portion of the hard drive kept free to act as virtual memory, where it stores data while the RAM clears. Memory-intensive operations can cause the computer to freeze if there is not enough virtual memory space left to act as an overflow.

What sizes flash drives are available at Matrix Warehouse?

USB Flash Drives

Product Overview:
Easy, reliable storage solution

Product Specification :
We stock USB Flash Drives in the following sizes 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

PC External Hard Drives

Buy External Hard Drives for PC available from our computer stores countrywide or from the Matrix Warehouse online shop.

At Matrix Warehouse we have a wide variety of storage options to suit your every need. With stores countrywide, you can pick them up in-store or purchase it from our online shop. We stock External Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Hard Drive Enclosures, SD Cards, and Solid State Drives (SSD).

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