Tips on How to choose the best gaming headset

Wondering how to choose the best gaming headsets? With the different gaming headsets available out there, selecting among those can give you a hard time.
However, choosing the correct one is important.

It is what you need for:

  • Comfort,
  • Super sound quality
  • Portability

Gaming headphones help to increase your gaming experience but are different than your regular headphone choices.

Gioteck Gaming Headsets

The Top Things to Note to Choose the Best Gaming Headsets

So, what is it that you need to look for when choosing a gaming headset that is right for you? We will take a look at all the factors below.

Your platform:

The very first thing is to be considered the platform. Headsets come with different platforms. Is it for XBOX, PC, Mac and other devices? Such headsets are also available which support various platforms. They have both a USB and a 3.5 mm jack which supports almost all the instruments.

Sound Quality:

This is one of the important while choosing a headset. Driver size matters a lot for these. 40 mm driver or higher is selected from for that. Excellent sound quality will help you to listen correctly. It helps you to distinguish between cheap headsets. It should also provide good “bass” which will make you feel amazing while playing games.

With some excellent sound quality though, it should also support noise cancellation. This is a feature that will help to cancel the surrounding sound with the help of your Microphone. This helps you to concentrate on your games. Good music will change your mood to be happy, and you will enjoy the real gameplay.


SteelSeries Gaming Headsets

There are several games available that can’t be played without the team. Playing games online means that you would need to talk with team members for better communications. Or, you might need to include voice commands within the game itself. With gaming headsets, the microphone can never be left out.

You need a headset that can hear your sound, not the music which is being produced by your headset. Should provide better noise cancellation, i.e. no sound of keystrokes and surroundings. The quality of the microphone needs to be checked that ensures your voice is clear and loud.


Comfort is another thing you cannot leave out here – or else, playing games for a more considerable duration could cause pain in your years.

Choose headsets that are made of really of light material providing cushions for your year that help you to concentrate on your games, not on the earphones.

For that, several sizes are available to be chosen from them. Sizes that let you wear on the ear (L), a fit around the ear (XL), or for extreme comfort around the ear (XXL) is chosen. Choosing the larger size helps you to hear the headset sounds not the surrounding ones.

Open or Closed:

Open or closed matters a lot for a sound. If you want to listen to your surrounding audio, choose the open one. This will help you to wear it for a longer time and not let your ears be heated up.
We recommend you to choose the closed ones though for gaming; it helps to concentrate on your games, and not on your surrounding sounds. If you are a serious gamer, a closed headset is what you need.

Wired or wireless:

Should you go with wired or wireless? It’s one thing you are sure to ask as a gamer. Well, I will answer for that.
There are a variety of top gaming headsets that comes with both wired and wireless. If you don’t like wires coming your way while playing games, go for wireless. You will feel free while using those wirelesses once.

A wireless one needs to be charged as you use them, something you need to think about. You have to charge it from time to time ensuring that the batteries do not get down while playing games, this could be annoying for real gamers.

You want to select and continuous signals wired headsets should be chosen. On the other hand, wired could cause you problems. However, you would not have a headache to charge it.

All being put, we would take this down to a personal choice. However, we do feel that if you choose the right wireless headset that can offer a good battery backup and you wouldn’t have to charge them up every day, it does provide a benefit. It’s worth a try then.

The durability of Headsets:

Always choose an excellent durable headset for the long run. Their pins, wires, speakers, microphone, and also the built quality should be premium. It should be durable enough to handle small falls or accidents. Not selecting the correct one will cause loose in connection or permanently it will be damaged.


In the electronic section the value of good gaming headsets a bit high. It depends on your choice. Buying the cheap one will provide you with the inferior quality of products whereas the expensive ones would be of premium quality. Selection should be made as per your budget between the cheap and expensive ones. The quality and looks of headsets also increase the cost.

Conclusion- Making the Right Choice

Do not forget to treat the reviews of the headset you plan to buy.

Additionally, it is important to know just what you are expecting from your gaming headset. Av gaming headset needs to be able to help you get the best gaming experience, helping you hear the little sounds or the thud in the game, ever so clear. It isn’t designed to be a great music headset though, so don’t expect it to act like one.

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