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Volkano Computer Accessories includes Headphones, Speakers, Gaming Peripherals, Laptop Bags, PC Peripherals and more.

Volkano is one of the fastest-growing personal electronics, audio and electronic accessory brands globally. Our range and choices are vast, from high-tech Bluetooth wireless devices, right the way through to classic essentials like cabled earphones. Volkano carries headphones, earphones, speakers, power banks, phones accessories, computer peripherals, gaming accessories and more at affordable prices.

Wired & Wireless Headphones

Laptop Bags & Backpacks

Bluetooth Speakers

Computer Keyboards & Mouses

Computer Peripherals

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ARE ALL MICROPHONES CREATED EQUAL? We’re sure you’ve noticed the words “OMNIDIRECTIONAL” or “BIDIRECTIONAL” on microphones for your work from home headset, streaming, or Karaoke Mic these days, but what

About Volkano

The Volkano journey begun in 2011 with just two products: the Volkano Bazooka Bluetooth Speaker and the Volkano Boom Series Aux Headphone. Since then, we have expanded the range to hundreds of different products with the help of our team of trusted product developers and designers. We are continuously looking to add new and innovative products that are affordable and high-quality.