What to Look for When Buying Your Next Laptop Bag

Your choice of work bag not only says a lot about you, it is the safe-keeper of your expensive work laptop and accessories. Not all bags are created equal, and in this article, we explore features, materials, and functionality that set Kingsons Bags apart from the rest.

Read on as we look into factors that should be considered when getting a laptop bag or backpack.

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In the work environment, looking at the part of the professional business person is so important. Thus, considering the materials your laptop bag is made of is crucial in creating that air of professionalism.

Not just do the materials play a part in the look, but also the function of a bag.

You’ll need to look for materials that are very wearable and can withstand wear-and-tear over time.

Kingsons Laptop Bags are made of durable materials that offer patented water-resistance technology. Keeping your devices and documents safe from water damage while you’re on the move.


Features & Functionality To Look For

Padded Laptop Compartment.

Transporting your laptop from place-to-place poses the risk of damaging your device. Having a compartmentalized laptop bag with a dedicated laptop pouch, with padding to protect your device from scratches or bumps is a must-have in 2021.

When evaluating a laptop bag, check the padding in the laptop pocket extend all the way to the bottom of the bag.

Kingsons bags offer patented Air Pocket technology, designed to keep your device safe, a claim backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Lightweight & Portable

It is important to have a bag that is lightweight yet roomy. You don’t need to worry about storage space for your documents or your Kingsons backpack causing you to experience shoulder & back pain.

The ideal laptop bag will be made of materials that are lightweight, but still offer durability.

Besides having an over-the-shoulder strap, or shoulder straps. Having a secondary carry handle is a must-have feature for any modern laptop bag. This allows your bag to double as a travel bag, adding to its versatility and ways for you to use it.

Structured Backpack

Work laptop bags should look structured since it makes them feel more presentable and serious in a business environment. Another benefit of having a structured backpack is stability – your bag or backpack won’t flop to the ground once you empty it. Making it easy for you to retrieve your charger, tablet, or dairy and carrying on with your work.

Modern Conveniences

What’s worse than having to dig through your bag or backpack for a power bank? Having to do so while dashing to catch a flight or between meetings. Kingsons bags offer modern conveniences like integrated charging ports for your power bank and charging cable, sunglasses compartments, reflective finishes for those late nights, waterproofing, and even anti-theft and pick-pocket proof compartments and coatings. Now that’s living in the future today.

Final Thoughts

Although there is no ‘black-and-white’ when choosing a laptop bag that looks professional and serves to protect your content while looking stylish and being comfortable. It, ultimately, comes down to your own preference and the profession you’re in.

We recommend you look for a laptop bag that has a great mix of the items we talked about in the article. This will ensure that you find something that serves to help you look stylish but still professional. While protecting your laptop, documents, and any content while you are commuting between spaces.

Kingsons has a wide variety of laptop bags to suit anyone in any profession – that keeps you looking stylish and professional in any situation. Browse their range of Laptop bags specifically designed for the 21st-century business professional.

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