What is PowerToys?

Microsoft: PowerToys is an open-source suite of tools for the most advanced Windows 10 users, offering the ability to bypass certain settings and perform actions unavailable to regular users. It also gives people a wider range of customization options.

The utilities of this suite include tools such as a colour picker, which can copy colour data from the clipboard, and Fancy Zones, allowing users to create complex window layouts specifically suited to the experience they want for specific applications – which may be affected by the Windows 11 Update. More tools are provided such as an Image Resizer and PowerRename, which help Windows 10 users to perform common actions with greater ease and speed, maximizing productivity.

All Microsoft's PowerToys for Windows 10, Explained

The PowerToys Run utility is currently a lightweight Start Menu alternative that helps users launch into files and applications more quickly (and even more so with the latest update) and can help users to navigate to active applications or perform system-level actions, such as shutdown or restart.

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What is New To the Update?

A new version of Microsoft PowerToys has been released and it brings forward a lot of important improvements and a few performance upgrades. The new version doesn’t include any new features or tools, instead, it focuses more on the stability updates and optimizations, installer updates, general bug fixes and accessibility improvements and so on. Perhaps the most eye-catching change is an update to the PowerToys Run utility that remedies a crashing issue and improves the performance of the tool at launch. Smaller upgrades include an expansion to the bug reporting tool, new UI elements, and bug fixes across a number of different PowerToys utilities.

Although the latest PowerToys update is unlikely to make waves, it demonstrates the community remains committed to maintaining and improving the utility suite.

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