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Genius is a leading international brand in computer and mobile peripherals. The Genius brand was created by KYE Systems Corp, a Taiwan-based company, in 1985 introducing its first mouse product. Since then the brand has expanded in providing other personal peripherals connecting people with the digital world.
Focused on quality, convenience, and ease to use, Genius designs computer mice, keyboards, touch pens, headsets, speakers, webcams, and gaming devices to provide people with a better user experience and with the best value for money peripherals in the mobile, living, and business environments.
With products sold and used by many people around the world for over 30 years, Genius not only is responsible to deliver, meet and exceed people’s expectations on products but we also bear social responsibility to incorporate environmentally friendly design into products. It is these responsibilities that drive our on-going design and engineering teams to continually incorporate user experience feedback for better quality, more convenience, and easier-to-use products with the best value-for-money peripherals of its class.
Genius is a manufacturer of office & gaming computer peripherals such as headsets, keyboards, mice & speakers available from Matrix Warehouse Computers stores nationwide and at our online shop.
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