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We all at one time or the other need to store our data, info or multimedia for entertainment or for educational purposes even for business applications and presentations. Storage devices can include hard disk drives (HDDs), flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs), optical disc drives, tape systems and other media types.

Our own personal computers and gaming computers even our laptops/notebooks mainly come with secondary computer storage devices. These storage devices include an internal hard drive and external drives that are typically connected via a standard interface like a USB cable and older laptops and PCs came with a drive to read and write CDs and DVDs. And in these modern times these type of drives are often connected as an external device, along with Blue-ray disc drives.

These days storage has gotten more compact and less heavy and less bulky as compared to back in the days. Nowadays as we speak Flash drives also known as thumb drives, have replaced CDs and DVDs as a portable storage medium. Memory cards used in digital cameras are also examples of secondary storage devices.

Also the solid-state drive (SSD) which is non-volatile storage medium has proven itself to be way better than the hard disk and the SSD has become the best replacement for hard drives. The hard disk being a mechanical devices that has several moving components may and can fail just by one part being damaged while an SSD has no moving parts. It used to be an expensive alternative but recently it has become more affordable, and they are now used in desktop and laptop computers regularly.

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