Do laptop coolers work?
A laptop is a compressed design of a computer meaning more hardware closer together that creates heat when in use. With more heat, you’re more likely to experience thermal throttling (reducing performance to stay cool) or outright overheating. This means laptop coolers are required to provide you with the ultimate experience in you laptops performance.

If your laptop is giving you issues with overheating and you already have a laptop cooler, there might be a deeper issue that needs replacement. If this is the case, you can contact our friendly repair team to assist you with more information.
Is a laptop stand necessary?
In short, yes a laptop stand will save you from other problems further down the line. A laptop stand is to improve your workspace ergonomics which will help with your posture and relieving back pain, neck pain, and save you from further stress issues later on. The laptop stand will raise your screen to eye level, preventing strain on your neck and back.

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