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How to restart your laptop or computer using your keyboard?
Maybe you have been in a pickle where you needed to restart your laptop or pc by using the computer keyboard? Here is how you would have to do that:

Hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Dlt buttons on your laptop or pc keyboard to open up the shut down, restart or sleep window and choose from there what you would like to do.
You can also use Alt+F4 keyboard buttons to open up the shut down window, however this is more commonly used to close apps because if you have a program open then it will shut down that first and once all the programs are closed, it will show you the shut down dialogue option.
The third option would be to hold down Win + X on your laptop keyboard. This is different from other shortcuts keys as it doesn’t pop up the shut down box all of a sudden. Instead, pressing these keys will activate the power user menu through which you can click on Shut down or sign out option and then, click on shut down.

If you have a Mac, it would be Cmd+Option+Control+Power
What is a computer mouse?
The simple answer would be that a pc mouse is a small device that a computer user pushes across a desk surface in order to point to a place by moving the curser on a display screen and to select one or more actions to take from that position. However some mouses have multiple buttons that can be set up as short cuts.

If your the fast pace work type than a mouse with multiple buttons would be a good option, but if you are perhaps someone looking for comfort under your hand then you would be looking at some different features.

If you want the best of both worlds with your mouse come visit us in store to explain the features of each mouse and help you choose the best one for your intention and set up.

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