1MORE Fitness In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Revolutionise your running and fitness routines with the Vi Trainer app and 1MORE’s Fitness E1018PLUS Vi React Sport IPX6 BT In-Ear Headphones. They grant access to the features of the Vi Trainer App with a one-click button on the in-line controls. These in-ear’s are equipped with a high-res AAC Bluetooth chip and 10mm dynamic drivers, to deliver great sounding audio.


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1MORE Fitness In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Enhance your running experience with the best running app for 2019, the Vi Trainer app, and 1MORE Fitness E1018PLUS Vi React Sport IPX6 BT In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones. These earphones are designed to seamlessly work alongside the Vi Trainer app, to provide a fully-integrated workout experience just by clicking the Vi button.

It’s 10mm dynamic driver utilises a dual layer titanium composite diaphragm that provides powerful bass, present mids, and clear highs. Tune out the distractions and get in the zone with 1MORE’s expertly tuned sound.

The E1018PLUS is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and AAC transmission technology that is optimised for iOS devices to provide better sounding audio. This technology offers higher resolution audio and a sampling frequency of 16 bits at 48 kHz. It offers a range of up to 10m, allowing for you to enjoy your music anytime, anywhere and during any fitness routine.

1MORE has ensured that these earphones are designed ergonomically with their oblique angled ear fittings that naturally align to the curvature of your ears. The secure fit offered with this design increases noise isolation, fullness, bass and audio clarity when working out.

This pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones meet the international standard IPX6 water protection rating, which ensures long-lasting resilience to outdoor conditions and rigorous exercise. The IPX6 rating means that this device can withstand heavy splashing, rain, and mud from any direction.

The Vi Trainer app offers a host of features to assist you in your workouts. Its real-time feedback and professional workout coaching seamlessly integrate with the E1018PLUS Vi React Sport In-Ear headphones just by clicking the Vi button.

Vi’s real-time coaching improves your run in real-time with tips on cadence and pace that are based on your own training plan and goals. This app gets to know you and your exercise habits over time, incorporating this information into personalised coaching. Vi offers you goal-run guidance, which lets you set your own running goals and helps you hit them.

Access the Vi Trainer A.I. Voice Assistance with just one click of the E1018PLUS’s Vi button. This one-click initiates real-time feedback and professional workout coaching directly from your Vi Trainer App.

The Vi React In-Ear includes a vast library of vocal prompts and dialogues that apply to a broad range of workout situations. For example, if you ask Vi, “how am I doing?”, she’ll tell you about your steps, distance, speed, and more.


  • Powered by the Vi Trainer App – providing a fully-integrated workout experience
  • In-line audio controls with a one-click Vi button
  • Two months of Vi Trainer included with the 1MORE Vi React In-Ears
  • AAC Hi-Res transmission technology provides better sounding audio
  • Enhanced 10m Bluetooth range supports most exercises
  • Five-hour playtime supports rigorous exercise routines
  • Water and sweat resistant with an IPX6 rating
  • Ergonomic sport design with multiple tips and ear fittings to ensure a secure fit
  • Lightweight design with adjustable cable clip
  • Widely compatible with most Bluetooth devices

Vi Trainer App Available Voice Commands:

“Check my stats”
Vi will respond with customisable statistics that include time elapsed, current speed, current pace, calories burned and distance travelled.

“What’s the time?”
Vi will respond with the current time of day.

Vi will respond with an update on how many calories you have burned so far in this workout.

“How much more?”
Vi will respond with an update on how much more time/distance remains to reach your current workout goal.

Vi will respond with the distance travelled so far in this workout.

Vi will respond with your current pace.

“Step to the beat”
Vi will activate a step-to-the beat experience to help you find the right step rate.

Vi will respond with your current speed.

“End workout”
Vi will end the current workout.

The Vi Trainer App is available for download for both Android and iOS devices.