DVI-I to VGA Adapter

DVI-I to VGA Adapter

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DVI-I to VGA Adapter

DVI-I to VGA Adapter

Product Details

A selection of cable assembly allowing the interface to analog monitor/graphics cards and digital displays

RS Pro Black DVI/VGA Adapter, Male DVI-A to Female VGA

DVI to VGA adapter offers you a cost-effective way to connect an HDTV, Projector, or Display with VGA to a PC or Mac computer with a DVI Analog Video Card at a resolution up to 1080P. This adapter can also extend a one-screen system and provide the ability to use 2 screens (2 independent video outputs are required).

Features and Benefits

• An easy way to convert a signal from DVI-I port to VGA-supported devices.
• Plug and Play design ensures a quick and easy setup and instant operation.
• No external software or drivers are required.
• Casing finished in stylish, black molded plastic.
• Constructed high-quality materials to ensure dependability.
• The adaptor is fitted with locking screws for both DVI-I and VGA connectors

Important Notes

• This adapter does not convert digital signals in analog so will not work with DVI-D
• The adapter does not transmit any audio signal. Audio must be transmitted separately


– Full 720p,1080i/1080p High definition resolution
– 24k hard gold plated contacts for optimum performance
– Max distance of 20m

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