Epson TM-T20III Series

  • Economical
  • Reliable
  • Fast print speed
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Peace of mind


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Epson TM-T20III Series


This easy-to-use Epson TM-T20III Series model is our entry-level POS receipt printer and has an 80mm printing width. Its Automatic Paper Reduction feature reduces top and bottom margins, line feed width and barcode height, allowing for flexible receipt printing.


With the mean time between failures (MTBF) of 360,000 hours and a mechanism life of 15 million lines, you can rely on the Epson TM-T20III Series in high-volume printing environments.


The POS receipt printer TM-T20III comes with a built-in USB interface. You can select from two models:

1) USB + Serial,
2) Ethernet
Making the model a long-term investment as it is possible to switch connectivity at any time.


The Epson TM-T20III Series is a POS receipt printer with print speed of 250mm/sec can save you time and its competitive price and running costs can save you money; ideal for when you need to beat queues quickly.

  • Economical Automatic paper reduction function
  • Reliable Mechanism life of 15 million lines
  • Fast print speed Print speed of 250mm/sec
  • Flexible connectivity Two models: 1) USB + Serial 2) Ethernet
  • Peace of mind Epson is Europe’s number one POS printer manufacturer1

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