Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO22 Gen 4 21.5-inch WLED 1080p 60Hz Monitor


Lenovo created the first monitor in the industry specifically designed to stow a Tiny 1L PC.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO22 Gen 4 21.5-inch WLED 1080p 60Hz Monitor

Lenovo created the first monitor in the industry specifically designed to stow a Tiny 1L PC. This groundbreaking Tiny-in-One solution gave businesses an innovative alternative. Other desktop and all-in-one devices offered a maximum upgrade and maintenance efficiency while also solving cable management and workspace issues.

With the introduction of the fourth generation of TIO, one that includes 22- and 24-inch options. We offer all those benefits plus many new features that greatly enhance the user experience.

Paired with the enterprise-level power and performance of the Tiny desktop. The TIO Gen 4 delivers a superior computing experience that now includes extended lift height and a webcam with integrated mic and speakers. The addition of ThinkShutter enhances the ThinkShield security solutions built into the Tiny inside.


Purposeful design

The TIO Gen 4 offers an enhanced computing experience through improved thermal design. We redesigned the back thermal cover to achieve better heat dissipation when paired with Tiny desktops. Allows users to achieve optimal performance and productivity.

Relentless innovation

We are inspired by our customers and what they want from our devices. It shows in the fact that we pioneered the industry in TIO devices. This innovative combination allows businesses to upgrade monitors and PCs separately to save budget and offers users an even more clutter-free, space-saving design

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Trusted quality

The Lenovo TIO Gen 4 is designed for performance and durability in any environment. These monitors endure extreme tests to ensure they can withstand vibration, drops, electrostatic discharge, heat, humidity, and more.

Efficient Upgrades

The TIO Gen 4 is perfect for large enterprises, government organizations, health care systems, and educational institutions that require powerful desktop performance coupled with upgrade efficiency. Because TIO allows you to purchase PCs and monitors separately, you can refresh either at a time that’s best for your budget.

The TIO Gen 4 comes in a variety of screen sizes, including 24 and 22 inches. That works with the latest generation of Tiny PCs as well as any Tiny going back to the second generation. Installation is easy. Just lift the back cover, insert the Tiny, and plug in the power cord. Upgrades are just as fast.

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Space Savings

With an 18% smaller footprint than the previous generation, the TIO Gen 4 takes up even less desk space. As always, TIO Gen 4 offers much better cable management than the combination of a tower or small form factor PC plus monitor(s).

When bundled with a Tiny, the TIO Gen 4 only uses one power cord total. While larger PCs with monitors can require two or more power cords. Additionally, the TIO Gen 4 can be used as a second, space-saving display.

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Enhanced User Experience

The TIO Gen 4 is designed with people in mind. The new stand features height adjustment up to 150 mm, which offers better ergonomics for taller users whether seated or standing. Eye Comfort Certification assures users of less eye strain and fatigue. And because our phones are always within reach, the TIO Gen 4 features a new cell phone holder integrated into the base.

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Better Communications

In today’s world of virtual meetings, the TIO 24 Gen 4 is your best asset with up to RGBIR or 1080p webcam and dual mics. The webcam on all TIO Gen 4 sizes rotates for the best view of the user. And of course, security is top of mind, especially when communications are involved.

The TIO Gen 4 also features a ThinkShutter camera cover to provide better privacy and security when the webcam is not in use.

  • Modular AIO by TIO+TINY
  • 21.5w FHD / In-Plane Switching technology / 3-side borderless panel
  • VOIP support

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