Zyxel Multy U WiFi System

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Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System for complete home coverage
Ethernet or wireless dedicated backhaul provides a faster Internet for your WiFi devices
One WiFi network and password to ensure a seamless connection
Hanging Multy U in an elevated position provides additional performance benefits
Personalized, stylish and colourful LED indicator


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Zyxel Multy U WiFi System Single Unit

The Zyxel Multy U is a premium WiFi system designed to add a fresh and youthful feel to your home. With the intuitive App-guided setup along with powerful WiFi speed, the Multy U is perfect for your personal style in every way.

The innovative leather straps and ultra-thin design allows for elevated mounting and seamless WiFi connection in desired areas of your home. The Multy U is equipped with Tri-band technology, allowing the nodes to communicate with each other at full wireless speed and ultimately providing further coverage without compromising performance, making it excellent for medium-sized homes.

Exceptional WiFi coverage throughout your Home: Experience no degradation in speed and reliability with the dedicated wireless backhaul that creates a large wireless network coverage in your home environment.

Tri-band powered for maximum performance: Utilizing three wireless bands, the Multy U delivers blazing-fast AC2100 speed through its dedicated 5 GHz connection (between nodes), and broadcasts with the remaining 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi network.

Easy to install and manage with Multy app: The Zyxel Multy app provides a visual guide to ensure smooth setup even without prior technical networking experience. The app also allows you to test Internet speed, manage the network remotely, set up guest WiFi, and stay informed about updates with push notifications.

Verify status by breathing LED: The breathing LED light turns the Multy U into a stylish WiFi system. The light will also indicate the systems status, allowing you to easily confirm performance.

Ethernet backhaul for reliable connection: Do you need more speed and want to prevent wireless interference? The Multy U supports Ethernet backhaul, allowing each node to be wired with an Ethernet cable to ensure the best reliability and performance.

Automatically connect to the fastest path: A mesh-based WiFi network helps organize an evenly spread signal. No matter how you place the Multy U, it automatically optimizes which units to connect with for the best connectivity, even if you accidentally disconnect one.

Support Amazon Alexa voice control: The Zyxel Multy U is an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Seamlessly interact with Multy U by using voice to manage your home network.

One WiFi network to ensure a seamless connection: Multy U creates a single wireless network name and password, allowing you to roam, work and play freely throughout your home without the need to reconnect to another network.

Expand for more WiFi coverage: Want to increase WiFi range? The Multy U is an expandable WiFi system enabling you to extend coverage in a multi-room environment by simply adding extra nodes.

Performance as design: The innovative leather straps and ultra-thin design allows for elevated mounting and seamless WiFi connection in desired areas of your home.

Intelligent Tri-band mesh technology
room-to-room roaming
Easy to install and manage
Ethernet backhaul supported
Compatible with Alexa

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