Super Gaming Platforms Needs Super Power Supplies

The newly released super graphics card has already made many video game players eager to try. But you may need a superpower supply before upgrading the hardware. With a superpower supply, the super-platform will performance more stable works.

GS800 prime power supply

We all know that qualified power supplies must have sufficient interfaces, certifications, and rated power. What kind of power supply can be called a superpower supply?

First of all, the power supply must be able to meet the needs of the platform. A 400W or 500W power supply can’t meet the needs. But if it is an 800W power supply, will definitely support the dual-card platform, not to mention the single-card flagship platform.

A superpower supply must also be super power-saving. Huntkey MVP K850 for instance, the conversion efficiency can reach 90% at the typical loads (50%) situation. It is 10% higher than the power supplies that do not reach 80 PLUS. The higher conversion efficiency the more energy saving. And the users can save more money by that.

Besides power-saving, the internal design is also essential. Engineers usually have an overall consideration when they develop a high-end power supply. The active PFC + LLC resonant + DC to DC architecture is a common and mature design. It has efficient and stable advantages.

A superpower supply always uses more solid materials. The secondary EMI filter, the sufficient main capacitor can make the output voltage more stable, and also more friendly to the hardware. It is also a good way to protect the SUPER platform.

Another point that gamers usually pay attention to is noise. We know that the noise is generated when the cooling system works. The higher the conversion efficiency the less heat generated while the power supply work. With an efficient cooling system, the noise is much less than the ordinary power supply.

A smooth experience while playing video games is important, but long-term stability can not be ignored. Especially for the game platform, the stability of the hardware is also very important. if you want to build your own SUPER platform, then there should be a high-quality superpower.

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